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  • How to Add New Kits

    I've ordered 3 kits for family members and have received the kit numbers and passwords. I am unable to locate any instructions for setting up these kits (which I will manage) in the help files. Can someone help me? Thanks.

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    The links on this page in the FTDNA Learning Center may help you.


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      Thanks, but sorry I do not find what I need. Can you provide a specific category to review in the Learning Center.


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        Is there something else in particular about which you are unsure how to set up? For your three new kits, they should already have assigned the names of the people who tested for each. After that, you can log in to each kit to specify a number of preferences, add information to the profiles, set up privacy settings, and so on.

        The link I gave is to a page that has the following links for how to set up these items:and a couple of more, for directions on how to change your password, and your Order History page. The above links are found in the Learning Center, under the top menu item "MyFTDNA User Guide," then select "My Account." I'm pretty sure that covers just about everything you could set up within an account. There are other items under the MyFTDNA User Guide heading; one is for how to upload a GEDcom file.


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          Thank you. I've reviewed all of this information. The issue is that I just ordered the kits for 3 family members and they have been received by FTDNA. They provided kit numbers and passwords. They are not assigned to anyone as yet because I don't know how to do it. How do I add a new kit and assign it to a person? I want to manage the kits.


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            If I understand the situation correctly: You ordered 3 kits, the people you wanted to test provided their DNA, and the kits were mailed back to FTDNA. FTDNA has received these kits, and sent you the kit numbers and passwords (that actually happens at the time of order, the last time I had a new kit).

            Each kit comes with a card; it may still be a green card. Each person who swabbed his or her cheek had to fill out the card and send it back with the kit. They had to fill in their name on the card, among a couple of other things. FTDNA then adds their name to each of the kits. You do not need to assign anyone, as FTDNA will do that when the kits are returned to them, with the card. The accounts for the kits were operational as soon as you got the login information; you were able to log in to the kits and set up things then.

            All you need to do now, if you are managing those three kits, is to use the login information for each kit, and use the links in my previous post to set up the profiles, notification preferences, account information, and privacy settings. Check with the three people and make sure you know their preferences for each setting. Once in a while, FTDNA personnel cannot properly read the writing on the card for the person's name, and may misspell the name. You can change it to the correct spelling, or however the person wants it to show, in the Account Information section.
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              Thank you KATM! This is what I need to know. Actually, the kits will be coming to me and I will provide to my 3 step-daughters who will then mail them in. It would be great if this information was provided in the FAQs.


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                If you wish to manage all your accounts under one login, you can apply to FTDNA to set up a FamilyFinder Project.