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GAP Member Information Report - Last Sign In Date

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  • GAP Member Information Report - Last Sign In Date

    Project members whose Last Sign In date was between July, 2017 and September 16, 2019 do not have that date displayed on the GAP Member Information Report. A date is displayed, but it is always an earlier date than this range. Members in this range who previously were reported to have a Last Sign In of "this week" or "this month", etc., during this time should show dates in this range, but none do.

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    There are a large number of people in my Family Finder Project listed as "Never Signed In". For every single one, at least one of us signed in to that Kit - often repeatedly before I created the Family Finder Project and could look at the info from the Project. Was thinking maybe that explained it - but the first two I looked at had results completed in 2016, so I know the kits were signed in to in 2016.


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      This is sign-in date problem is an issue that occurs on all three of the projects that I am admin for. A report has been submitted to FTDNA and acknowledged, but no response to the problem received yet.