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Can you update your myOrigins again?

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  • Can you update your myOrigins again?

    For some ethnic groups, the previous version of myOrigins was actually better. And ancient Origins is actually as old as the old myOrigins (and now completely out of date with the latest knowledge in genetic anthropology).

    In either case, the populations and descriptions are now lagging behind even 23andMe for South Asians which is saying something because for years 23andMe just had one giant South Asian component for everyone from Afghanistan to Bangladesh (we'd all get almost 100% South Asian and that was that).

    MyHeritage's isn't a whole lot better (also one big South Asian bloc, but it's centered on South India), but their population descriptions are accurate and their presentation with the animation and music takes the cake. I've had friends pay for MyHeritage just to see their animation video clips.

    I've even made my own that's accurate enough to geographically place people on a map. You can do better, we have faith in you.

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    I agree McNinja. FTDNA have gotten away long enough with their now, long out of date datasets they have based their ethnicity calculations on. It's time for Origins 3.0 and we want it soon. But you can't do nothing in this area for as long as they have , if you actually cared about leading in autosomal testing. Their business model seems to be heavily skewed towards higher priced , (more profitable) mtdna & ydna testing. It seems ftdna management have decided that we , their customer base don't warrant a yearly update as per other companies. They'll release it in their own good time