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  • Project membership reports - Family Finder

    Is there a way for a project admin to extract a report showing all the members of the project who have taken a Family Finder test? I can only see options for y and mt. It looks as if I have to go in to each profile to look, which seems very time consuming.

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    If you go to the 'Order Summary' page and sort on the 'Family Finder' column you'll have a list of those with or without Family Finder. On a PC, CTL-P will print the report and you can select hoe many pages to print. This may not be the best answer but it give what you asked for.


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      I have a question worth answering. In my family search I have a bunch of names that do not match my family profile. People I reach out to through email says you is not in my family as second or third cousin but shows on my end we is related. My ancestry DNA I had done in 2008 has a list of family I am related to On wikitree. The names on family search are so different than those. I thought maybe those I reached out to were just using another name. Come to find out not the case, they would now keep me from emailing them with up dates. Would being adopted have something to do with this since my adopted family has a free with my children listed? Just wondering