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    Is it or would it be possible to generate a list of matches based on chromosome?

    For example if I wanted to see a list of everyone who I matched on chromosome 10 could this be done. If not, may I suggest this as a possible new feature?

    cheers Peter

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    If you download your Chromosome Browser match list, which is a .csv file, you can sort it by chromosomes. I don't have Excel, so can't give directions for how to do it with that software. But I am able to sort with LibreOffice, which gives me the option to use up to three sorting criteria. I use two of them: I first choose sort by chromosome, then secondly by match name. The result shows the chromosome column in order, with the names of the matches to each chromosome. You can then scroll down to chromosome 10, or whichever you like, to see who matches on a particular chromosome.

    You can download the Chromosome Browser match list by clicking on the link "Download All Segments" (use the Chromosome Browser button under Family Finder on the home page of your account). The link to download all segments does not show when you are comparing a match in the Chromosome Browser, but is visible if you are doing a comparison, and then click on "Update Selected Matches" to add other matches.
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