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We Need Ability to Sort X-Matches by Segment Size

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  • We Need Ability to Sort X-Matches by Segment Size

    What use is it to have X-Matches if we can't sort by segment size??? Especially since FTDNA includes every tiny segment, when they really shouldn't include anything under 10 cM, or 7 cM at the least. Why do they work on useless cosmetic things instead of DNA? I hate the new dashboard because it takes forever to load. Otherwise, I have paid no attention to it at all. I want to sign in and check all the kits in my project in the least amount of time possible. With FTDNA I always feel like I've gone back to the days of dial-up.

    I have a match in my project who controls her own account, but has no interest, and no knowledge of how to do anything here. But she is the one person who could have segments on her X-chromosome inherited from my mother's 2nd great-grandmother, whose parents are unknown. It would be nice to be able to look at her X-matches with appropriate segment sizes somehow.

    FTDNA seems to be going nowhere with autosomal DNA. It used to be my favorite DNA company. Now it's at the bottom of my list.