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Chromosome Browser not working?

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  • Chromosome Browser not working?

    For the last 10 days or so I have been unable to use the Chromosome Browser function on the kits I administer. Is this function not working currently?

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    I just tried the Chromosome Browser and it works fine for me. I use Firefox as my internet browser.

    Try using a different browser or computer.


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      I am also having trouble. Thought it was a tablet issue, but it's the same across devices and browsers. The chromosome browser is working, but I am unable to update matches. I have to start from scratch every time. Frustrating.


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        Same problem that Lwh02. I use Firefox.


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          Yes -- Once you're in the chromosome browser, it's very clunky to add new matches to compare. There is no longer a "Search First or Last Name" box, so you have to go back to your Matches page and add matches from there.

          I called a couple of weeks ago and the person I spoke with said the previous behavior was still available to her.

          As far as I know she was accessing the server internally through the FTDNA network, so I think the problem has to do with how the website is displaying online.

          She created a trouble ticket but no word on when this might be fixed.



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            In the thread "Chromosome Browser" in Forum > Family Tree DNA Communications > Grumbles & Gripes, loobster gives this workaround:

            "It is working correctly if go directly from Home Page to Chromosome Browser."