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Download Matches: CSV what happened?

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  • Download Matches: CSV what happened?

    Download Matches: CSV
    In the recent past when I clicked CSV I would get an excel file with ALL the information I could possibly need. I could then sort my matches by chromosome number and further sort by position on that chromosome. If I had identified one match, I could see a cluster of match where the segments overlapped, and see everyone who was related a that point on the said chromosome. Then I could look in the surname column to see what surnames the related matches were researching. All the information was on one page. It was AMAZING, I LOVED it, the other DNA testing sites didn't provide me with such details so organized. and easily sorted.
    Why was chromosome number and position (start end) columns removed?
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring them back.
    I finally got a close match and we have 381 matches in common. I can't click on six at a time, click on chromosome browser, click on Download segments 63 times then sort. This is very tedious and doesn't have the other information like surnames and my notes.

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    This is what I did, minutes ago:
    Open Chromosome Browser (from the main page)
    No matches selected.
    Click "Download All Segments"
    ... and it happens (computer offers to save the file)
    The file still has Chromosome, Start location, End location.
    Worked for me.
    What a relief.
    Try again. You can open .csv with Notepad and look at the file. Maybe something happened to those numbers when your file was imported to Excel?


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      It seems that you are referring to the Chromosome Browser Results .csv, not the Family Finder Matches .csv.
      • The Family Finder Matches .csv file is downloaded from the bottom of your Family Finder - Matches page, at the "Download Matches" link.
      • The Chromosome Browser Results .csv file is downloaded by clicking on "Chromosome Browser" in the Family Finder section on your home page, and then clicking on "Download All Segments."
      The Family Finder Matches .csv currently shows these column headings: Full Name, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Match Date, Relationship Range, Suggested Relationship, Shared cM, Longest Block, Linked relationship, Email, Ancestral Names, Y-DNA Haplogroup, mtDNA Haplogroup, and Matching Bucket.

      The Chromosome Browser Results .csv currently shows these column headings: Name, Match Name, Chromosome, Start Location, End Location, Centimorgans, and Matching SNPs.

      I've been saving both Family Finder Match files (named as "kit#_Family_Finder_Matches_date.csv" and Chromosome Browser results files (named as "kit#_Chromosome_Browser_Results_date.csv") for many years. I just downloaded one of each from my account, and when I compared them to other files of the same type downloaded in recent months, I see no changes. There are small changes comparing to files from years ago, but essentially the same information was given in those older files that is given now.


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        Thank you Emona, This was new to me.
        Thank you KATM, I seem to be losing my mind. Your right, nothing has changed, it was 23&Me that hat everything in one spot. FTDNA has it in two spots, and Thanks to Emona I know know about the second spot.