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Allowing guest viewers & New Y-DNA messages

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  • Allowing guest viewers & New Y-DNA messages

    Is there some way to allow others to view my information as a guest, without having the ability to edit my information?

    Since I got my original results, I've gotten several emails saying I have new Y-DNA results; but when I click the link to view them, I'm taken to the Y-DNA pages with no new results that I can discern. They all have the same match date as my original test results.

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    The message should tell you the number of markers in the match. When looking at your matches be sure you have elected to see the matches at that level. On the right hand side of the match list is the match date. By clicking on 'Date' in the heading the list will be sorted by match date. If the first click sorts by oldest date click on the heading 'Date' again to sort by newest first.

    If you join a Y-DNA project that has a public display of results others will be able to see your results.


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