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False match on complete X chromosome at FTDNA?

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  • False match on complete X chromosome at FTDNA?

    I saw this situation posted on Facebook: someone had a match at FTDNA on the full X chromosome (just over 195 cM), and only one other segment just under 8 cM on another chromosome. This person and the X-match were both also on GEDmatch, so the person compared both kits there, using the One-to-One X-DNA comparison feature. In spite of showing a full match on the X at FTDNA, it did not show any matching DNA on the X chromosome at GEDmatch.

    In one of the replies to that Facebook post, Jonny Perl, the developer of DNA Painter, mentioned that "a complete match on the x has recently been associated with artificial kits - so it's possible that the matching X segment is not real."

    That sounds like a problem at FTDNA. Has anyone else found this situation in their matches? Has the subject of artificial kits and/or false matching on the complete X chromosome been mentioned elsewhere?

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    Yes. I have seen this twice on a kit I administer. It's obviously a false reading.


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      Someone in the fb FTDNA Users group told me it's "also mentioned in the new Advanced Genetic Genealogy", which she'd just bought. (We'd been discussing the possibility of her example being a synthetic kit.) I'm assuming the book is Advanced Genetic Genealogy: Techniques and Case Studies edited by Debbie Parker Wayne.


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        I just ordered that book and am awaiting delivery. I'll look for this situation in the book.