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Uploading non-23andme DNA fails

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  • Uploading non-23andme DNA fails


    I wonder if anyone could explain what is the DNA format the upload is expecting at

    I got my vcfs from DanteLabs who don't provide 23andme format, but knowing how to deal with files I converted it myself.
    The file I'm trying to upload is a zip file with a text file that looks like this:

    # rsid chromosome position genotype
    rs62651026 1 10108 CT
    rs376007522 1 10109 AT
    rs201752861 1 10177 AC
    rs145599635 1 10234 CT

    but no matter what I do it says error without specifying what error that is.

    I also found Lilly Mendel's (23andme cofounder) DNA as a standard reference (taken from here, nothing criminal -
    and that file doesn't work either.

    Is there a description of file format, or an example, or anything? This is really frustrating to see just general "error" without explanation what went wrong.

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    The problem is Dante Labs does whole genome testing.

    The file size is probably gigantic.

    If you want to get an autosomal file, test at one of the companies that perform them: FTDNA, 23andMe or Ancestry.


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      MyHeritage is another company that you can use, and also transfer to FTDNA.


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        dmitry, did you try DNA Kit Studio?