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Ancestral Surnames - Edit Broken?

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  • Ancestral Surnames - Edit Broken?

    I have been trying to edit my list of Ancestral Surnames and Locations. Clicked on "Manage Personal Information", then clicked on "Genealogy".
    And there was my list. I made changes, I saved them. All looked fine.
    BUT - when I went back in, some of the Surnames now had two lines, with some missing (overwritten by the duplicates??), some of the locations were blank.
    Have tried everything I can think of. But it keeps changing to a bad list. Had "updated" a few kits before noticing good changes were not staying.
    Also similar problem for Surnames for another Kit I manage, that did not have any before.
    Does anyone else have this problem? Has anyone else had it and found a solution?

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    Saw a recent thread - - Seems something has definitely changed - so perhaps if I try again, it will be possible to get my Ancestral Surnames list cleaned up and corrected. Hope so.