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STR/SNP/Subclade Data On Match Lists

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  • STR/SNP/Subclade Data On Match Lists

    In working over my match lists, it's become clear to me that just a little more information could go a long way.

    My 67-marker match list has 10 matches -- but 6 are displayed as subclade R-M269. 3 out of 4 of the others are in different haplogroups from me. There's no way to divine which of the six others are in different downstream haplogroups.

    To further complicate matters, I had to google up YTree and YFull just to make sure the terminal SNPs on the mis-matches were on different branches.

    It would be a significant improvement for me if the match lists provided better information about subclades. And it would further improve client understanding if potential conflicts between STR "matches" and subclade grouping were indicated.

    Thanks for considering.