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Chromosome Browser - Temporary Problem??

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  • Chromosome Browser - Temporary Problem??

    So, I went (in my FamilyFinder Project) to one of the Kits I manage, looked at Matches, chose "Close & Immediate", sorted by Date, so most recent at top
    and clicked the most recent four, then clicked "Chromosome Browser" --
    And, instead of taking me to Chromosome Browser with those four selected - it took me to Matches again, for All Matches
    Tried a few times -- even tried -- after clicking on the four kits, changed at top to be All Matches - made sure the four still officially clicked - then clicked Chromosome Browser - same thing.

    When All Matches were showing, and clicked some there, then clicked Chromosome Browser -- THEN it went to Chromosome Browser and showed for those Kits.
    Anyone else having this problem?

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    Phew -- possibly just a very short-lived bug -- seems working correctly again now.