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Problems with myFamilyTree updates

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  • Problems with myFamilyTree updates

    I have two or maybe three major problems with updating the information in myFamilyTree:
    1) Today suddenly it did no longer work to add single new persons to the tree. The first person was OK, but then it stopped working. (I have reloaded the web window, Microsoft Edge, several times, and will now also try a reboot)
    2) Loading in a new gedcom file, for replacement of the previous, does fail several times usually, before it happens that it goes through. From the user view the waiting screen never disappears. The complete process, including all failing time, takes really a while.
    3) Besides that it takes time, its not to fun to load in a new gedcom file after updates and additions to my research results, due to that all the previous linked matches, need to be manually relinked. How to update, manually adding or edit each new/changed person, or to load a new gedcom and manually add all the links, depends now on what seems to be less work for me.

    Would be nice if it better support for re-linking matches, was present. For example a list of all links that previously have been added, and a one click for OK to all, or possibility to remove any not wanted. I have som distant relations linked, that now not show up in the link-list that I need to keep track of outside the program.
    If the loading of a new gedcom-file did work better, it would probably be quite ok to do now and then, if I have not more than about ten links to update as now.

    Looking forward for some improvements or suggestions for alternative approaches for getting it all working!

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    I have been unable to update any family trees for several days.


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      Are you saying that, again, they have improved the family tree features so much that they no longer work?


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        Whatever FTDNA is doing, it seems to be up to no good.

        Past few days, it has show the relationship between me (male) and my mother as Father-Son. This morning it has us as Mother-Daughter.


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          Per an email to project administrators last week, FTDNA is developing an updated "myFamilyTree 2.0" feature, and they say there will be optimized loading (faster and smoother, with more intuitive trees). Some people are testing a beta version of it already.

          FTDNA says it is using a new "cutting-edge graph database" with the update, which they say should solve several problems. It's likely to be the software discussed in this thread from July. It remains to be seen how soon a final version of myFamilyTree 2.0 will be ready for release to all customers. There was no specific mention of an ability to re-link matches to a newly uploaded GEDCOM, however. One can hope that such a needed function would be possible using the new database software. Perhaps these updates will be discussed, or announced, during their postponed annual genealogy conference, now scheduled for March.


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            However, KATM, it is also possible that the issues you raise haven't been addressed yet at all. The functionalities that we hope for would seem to require a full-function genealogy software package with a number of unique features to keep track of genetic data.


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              Yup, anything is possible. We have to wait and see.