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  • Where are the likes?

    I'm not sure if I am missing something with this forum but you can see a summary of forum topics and it shows you how many views , replies and likes yet when you go into the posts you can't actually register your "like" for something interesting/useful posted by other members. That's why every thread has views, replies but Zero likes.
    Someone may know how to unlock this feature of "likes" so if you know, please share this knowledge.

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    There is a current bug with the like link which is causing the problem. At this time I don't have a time frame as to when it may be corrected. I am sorry for this problem.

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      Thank you Darren for clarifying this. I will check on the forum over the coming weeks and months. If I had a voting button I would give you a "like" for your quick reply. ha ha


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        This is something that can go directly into the garbage file. This is not Facebook!