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"Message ... Invitation to the Cornwall Surname Project" Is this spam?

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  • "Message ... Invitation to the Cornwall Surname Project" Is this spam?

    I've just received three emails urging me to join the CORNWALL project or its associated sub-projects. The sender describes himself as the administrator of these projects, and claims he's noticed "that you have cited your earliest paternal ancestor as being Cornish."
    None of the kits I manage have their earliest paternal ancestor listed as being from Cornwall. None have any Cornish in their trees.
    Has anyone else had unwarranted emails like this?

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    There is a Cornwall Surname Project;
    With our premier suite of DNA tests and the world’s most comprehensive matching database...your DNA has met its match!

    Maybe email them


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      That's a very good idea and I wish I'd thought of it Not the Surname Project - the email didn't purport to come from them - but I've found the right Cornwall Project and am emailing them now. Thanks !!