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    I find the new Y-DNA tree very useful and well presented, but I have two questions:
    1. I cannot see or find a version identifier. I'm sure FTDNA intend to update the tree, but without a version identifier we will not be aware of the changes.
    2. I have a "cousin" in the N-FGC14542 sub-clade and FTDNA have given him the terminal SNP N-Y17650. This SNP does not appear on the new Y-DNA tree, but is shown on the "regular/old" tree as an equivalent to N-Y17415. YFull has him listed as N-Y17415, with a "5-star" rating.
    Should we ask FTDNA to include N-Y17650 on the new tree or ask them to re-run the analysis of the test-results?

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    I've seen someone have trouble finding a specific haplogroup branch as well. Do the following. In "View by" which is set to Countries, switch it to Variants. Then in the "Search by Variant" field put the SNP only. In your case Y17650. Press Enter. Right under the search field you will see the text "1 Results on N". So click on the N section of the tree. Scroll down and find the branch that is highlighted. Now you will know what branch FTDNA has placed your "cousin".

    In cases like this, it simply means there are multiple SNPs associated with the same branching point. One SNP is selected as the lead SNP that represents the branch. It is possible your "cousin" may not have been found positive for the lead SNP due to low coverage. Which can mean he is still positive but not enough data to be completely sure. I've seen this a few times where FTDNA simply gives the tester a haplogroup based on the next following SNP in that block. At least in the few cases I have seen, they are usually positive for the lead SNP anyways.


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      Thank you "The Contemplator". I would never have found that by myself - they don't really make it easy for us do they!