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Tool Navigation: A Perpetual Annoyance

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  • Tool Navigation: A Perpetual Annoyance

    In viewing matches, I sometimes want to view a member's tree that they posted. When I open any tree, it immediately generates a pop up box titled Tool Navigation. Is there any way to get rid of this pop up or have a setting to stop it from appearing? Navigating a tree is so simple I would think that everyone here, even the uninitiated could understand how to do it on the first attempt.

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    I managed to get rid of mine. Not quite sure, but I think there was a checkbox at the bottom of the pop up, "Do not show this again".


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      I have the same problem, i uncheck "do not show me again" & EVERY TIME it comes back again agreed! Needs to be fixed.


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        It's an odd problem. I'm always viewing this site on a desktop computer and monitor. When the tree first appears, along with the pop-up box, I never can see the very bottom of the pop-up box. I can't do anything with the tree until I hit the "X" at the upper right corner of the pop up box to delete it.


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          I agree, I have the same issue!


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            I'm using Firefox, and the way I solved this problem was to zoom out of the page once using CTRL [minus]. This makes the checkbox visible.

            CTRL [minus] also helps on the tree display where it reveals the + - controls, bottom right, which are partially hidden by the shaded line.

            I think the problem may only occur on laptops and smaller monitors, due to the resolution.

            Use CTRL [plus] to zoom back in.


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              Great post cthulhu Solved a very aggravating problem !!!