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  • Highlight potential matches in tree

    When I go to view someone else's tree, it would be really useful if there was a button to compare my tree and the other person's tree, generating a list of potential matching people based on name, location(s) and date(s). The match list could be sorted by how good of a match it is (at the top should be exact matches on all information, at the bottom should be matches on only one piece of information), and I should be able to click on the match to bring me to that portion of the tree.
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    If you use name to filter, you miss NPE possibilities and other non-normal circumstances. I take a StarTrek approach. I look for intersections in the time-space continuum.



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      Jack, you are absolutely correct, and I am not suggesting anything that would prevent anyone from searching the way we are now, which can include looking for NPEs. But in order for me to determine whether I should be considering NPEs, I first need to look for the people who I think are my relatives, and if that comes up empty then I can broaden my search.

      I also phrased my request in such a way that this search might be able to find an intersection in space-time. This tool could be a way to identify people who were living in the same place at the same time as one or more of our own relatives, even if the name doesn't match.
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