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    It would be INCREDIBLY helpful if I could easily search through all the trees belonging to my matches, based on a name and/or place and/or date range. For example, I am trying to search for someone who might connect to my Joseph SMITH b. 1814 +/- 2 years in Rockingham County, Virginia. The closest I can do now is to an advanced search by the last name SMITH, which comes up with about 500 hits, almost all of which are likely to be unrelated to me. It currently takes me about a minute to evaluate each SMITH match to see whether it is relevent, so it currently would take me about 8 hours to review these hits.

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    I agree! I spent 2 hours manually looking through the first 2 pages of Miller hits searching trees


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      If your focus is on what you can glean from Trees, you may be interested in what MyHeritage is planning, calling The Theory of Family Relativity (starts c35 minutes in):

      As far as I know, it is not implemented yet, but should majorly simplify trying to compare trees, and possibly make it unnecessary to ask FTDNA to spend time on Tree enhancements here.

      So - Use FTDNA to test - then transfer to MyHeritage - and put at least a little tree up at MyHeritage (a tree of up to 250 profiles is free there, transferring is free there - and if you transfer before Dec.1 2018, all the Premium Features will be free and stay free - but apparently not if transfer after Dec 1.