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  • Matches not showing up in search

    Certain people displayed in my list of matches do not show up when I search their surname. I only see this behavior for weak matches. More precisely, I go to the last couple of pages of my list of matches and pick one with an uncommon surname. If I then type that surname into the search box, sometimes it comes back and says there are no matches with that surname. This seems like a bug.

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    I was having problems a few days ago with matches not showing up when I typed in their name. I don't recall whether they were distant matches are not. But, if I remember correctly, I switched to a different family member's account and the person I was looking for did turn up in the search results. Perhaps because the person was a closer match to the other family member???

    I couldn't figure out what was going on.


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      I also have had this happen recently,the name was also Smith!

      I found a match with my brother and myself(autDNA)and a Smith,5-remote cousin for me and 4-5 cousin for my brother,I contacted the match giving the details of amounts of DNA where we matched, and he replied saying he could find my brother but could not find me-I could not find me either and still cannot!


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        Yes, I've had this problem for some months, maybe a year.

        When it's a match I know should be there, I resort to searching one of their family surnames - that usually works.


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          Something is wrong. I just typed in the surname of a match I wanted to check on. No results. I then typed the given name of the same match and he showed up in the results immediately. Nothing different, just searching on his given name versus his surname.


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            There is a workaround (hat tip Jim Bartlett) -- type in just the first few letters of the surname into the search field and these missing matches will show up. This works for me, at least.


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              I also have this problem. Found a connection with a friend and she could see me in her matches but when I searched her name - I get no results (but the All tab shows the number 1) and then reverts to my full list. If I navigate down to the relevant number of centimorgans, she is there.

              Very frustrating. Please fix.