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Anyone else getting an error message for Activity Feed?

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  • Anyone else getting an error message for Activity Feed?

    My father's account is in several projects. When logged in to his account, it shows 5 notifications from the various projects for their Activity Feed messages. Selecting any of the project notifications from the dropdown menu gives this message:

    You must be granted Full Access permissions in order to view this page.

    For information regarding Group Administrator Access Levels and Permissions, please visit our Learning Center.

    Click here to go back to the dashboard.
    Is anyone else seeing this? It doesn't seem to make any sense, since my (late) father has never been an administrator for any project. All of his Group Administrator and Member Preferences have been updated, but that should not effect his account's access to the Activity Feeds.

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    I know you said you are logged into his kit but are you really truly logged into his kit or accessing his kit as an administrator through GAP? Because the same thing happens to me even if I try going through my own kit. Really it is silly how they have it set up because even as the message says if you do have all the full access permissions granted for your own kits you still get that message. Full access should mean just that. If you actually log into your father's kit you should be able to access the projects (at least for my kits it works) but in GAP even with permissions granted they won't let you. Very silly.


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      Thanks Travers! That was it. I had forgotten that I'd logged in to his kit using GAP, coming back to it later. His setting for the family project that I administer is set to Advanced (formerly Full access, I believe).

      Yes, just another little glitch that could stand improvement.