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How to get to Gap 2.0??

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  • How to get to Gap 2.0??

    I'm getting complaints that I am not doing the tasks of the administrator of the surname project called "Zaborowski". I try to log in, but I keep getting a screen that says something about a gap 2.0. I have no idea why we need GAP 2.0, but I tried creating a new username and password. I put in a Email too. Then, it says in red font " The e-mail address that you entered is already in use. Please enter a different e-mail address. " . I have tried numerous Emails that I own, and to no avail. Maybe the Zaborowski project needs an administrator that is more computer savvy. As things stand now, there is no admin, since I am locked out.

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    Each project has a Group Administrator Page Version 2.0. You need it because that is where you do all of your work as a Group Administrator.

    When FTDNA accepted you as a Group Administrator they sent you a user ID and a password. These will be different from your kit # and your kit password.

    I'll send you a Private Message with contact information.