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  • Bug? in matches section

    Some of the individuals on my Matches page have uploaded family trees, that link shown by the blue box to the right below the name. If I click on that blue box, the tree appears on a new page in a rectangular box only 1/4 the width of the screen, making it problematic to look at. I can move around in this tree, change its size, etc. so that all works. But there must be a setting somewhere to make it display in full screen? I'm running win10 and have seen this same behavior in both Chrome and Firefox. T.McCloud

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    Enlarge it. Hold down the Ctrl key and press the +.


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      Got it - it works! I had tried the +/- buttons on the lower right of the screen, but they were inactive when the screen was at one-quarter. However, those buttons become active after it is in full screen mode, and it becomes easy to move around on the page. Thanks.