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New Big Y with wrong terminal SNP

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  • New Big Y with wrong terminal SNP

    For some time I have noticed that new Big Y results have a wrong terminal SNP assigned if they have previously ordered some pack or separate SNP. This is reflected in the menus "Haplotree&SNPs"and "Big Y Matches".
    Several Big Y results were just loaded in the project I am an administrator of. Initially they showed the right assignment on the Haplotree&SNP tree, but after Big Y results became available, it went back to the previously known SNP. One even went back to the basic backbone SNP test!
    I had this problem previously, but after writing to help desk it was corrected. However, some people don't realise they have a problem and how to handle this and will show with wrong results in projects.

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    FTDNA does not explain

    Maybe the opposite problem for me, in that my pre-hg38 SNPS made some sense...
    My terminal SNP was changed by FTDNA from shared values to what appears to me to be a NOVEL that likely would never match anyone except maybe a first cousin. It is also not "age-able" because other DNA services do not recognize it as a meaningful terminal (YFull, ISOGG).
    It is irritating enough that the non-hierarchical shortcut terminals bear no obvious up/downstream path to show a common root, that is the nature of the "short cut." But when the terminal SNP was once on trees as being studied and mooted for theoretical age, and is replaced by something that might be utterly unique to my immediate line, I am not sure what is being served by that terminal assignment.
    In any case, no explanation of any kind was offered by FTDNA, while the other services stopped short of that SNP to keep me in a pool (I-A1890) with at least a couple of other men.