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Apparent glitch in Family Finder

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  • dwight
    Many thanks - very helpful.
    I don't believe either one is an upload, both tested with FTDNA. But the distant matches setting is a possibility. Thanks!

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  • prairielad
    It maybe due to a privacy setting

    ICW uses matchlists, regardless of privacy setting of match you are comparing with. It compares all matches on both lists (as long as those matches show on your match list).

    one of them may have a privacy setting set on family finder not to show Distant relatives

    If "Mark" or "Jane" have a privacy setting set to not show Distant relatives (match and email settings) and Mark and Jane match in this category, they will not show up on each others matchlists or when they run ICW.

    If wife matches them in a category closer then Distant relative, she will see them on her matchlist and the ICW due to fact it is comparing her matchlist to each of their full matchlists (as if no privacy setting is set as both are already a match to her regardless of privacy setting)

    Check with both of them (Mark and Jane) to see if they have all their Family Finder match and Email settings set to Yes

    Do you know if either of them are transfers? Some transfers are not shown Distant matches due to chip compatiblity (AncestryV2 and 23andmeV4 transfers),4th to Remote matches are Hidden on these transfers.
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  • dwight
    started a topic Apparent glitch in Family Finder

    Apparent glitch in Family Finder

    My wife just got a new 2nd-4th cousin level FF match, let's call her Jane. 74 cM total, 23 cM longest. Checking "in common with" matches I got a list of 32 mutual matches. My interest was piqued because they included matches on both my wife's maternal and paternal sides.

    But here's the glitch: When Jane checked her list of ICW matches, she got 31 - the key maternal-side match (let's say Mark) shows up when my wife runs ICW but not when Jane runs it. And the best part is, Mark doesn't show up at all in Jane's list of matches.

    We also ran Matrix and got the same discrepancy. My wife's Matrix shows Mark as a mutual match; Jane's Matrix can't find Mark, he doesn't show up as a match to her at all.

    Something is clearly not working correctly: Can somebody tell me what's going on here? Thanks!