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  • Mark DNA matches in myFamilyTree


    We all make mistakes in our trees. Some of the mistakes are because we misread or misinterpret a source and other mistakes are because of NPEs and so on.

    DNA testing helps us confirm (or justify) parts of our tree, so it would be nice if one could mark (by text or color) that we found a DNA link to an ancestor. Then possible mistakes are less likely on those branches of the tree.

    I know you can make a note to each ancestor but it would be helpful if you could see it in the pedigree view.


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    When viewing a tree, there is a banner across the top of the page. The third tab is for 'Family View" the forth tap is for "Pedigree View".

    Have you tried clicking on the forth tab?


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      I apologize for my vague post. It was a feature request - not a question.


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        When looking at your match list there are three icons below the name of the match: an envelope, a note pad and a tree. I put a note in the note pad telling me the names of our most recent common ancestors.

        Granted, I can not see this while looking at the pedigree, but I can see it before I click on the tree icon.

        When you have an entry in the note pad its color changes as a reminder that you have something in it.

        I'm just trying to suggest that perhaps your request already has an answer.


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          I also use the notes, but again I must apologize for not making my point clear: I want to see other people's "confirmed" ancestors when looking at their pedigree.

          It may be a GEDCOM issue rather than lack of implementation on this site.