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    FTDNA has a Y DNA match notification glitch. I am receiving Y DNA match notifications and no match exist. Checking by match date is not the solution. No New Matches Exist.

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    What did the message say?


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      In the past I saw something like this. I contacted FTDNA and was told that it is technically an issue with the notification. The new match is real, but the match has not signed the consent form so can't be displayed. Could be the same thing. You may have real matches who have not signed the consent form or have disabled being seen by matches.


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        I've only checked one kit so far, but, today, the little red notification circle (top of page near username and kit number) gave me 6 messages from the last 5 days. Each said "you have new y-dna matches" and gave me a number of matches. The total number of matches amounted to 51.

        Sorting by date, I've found 4 (four) matches from February. All the rest were January and earlier.



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          Oh! I should mention that sometimes (not always) the notifications are done per Y level. So a Y37 match may at times give you 3 notifications (Y12, Y25, Y37). This has happened to one of the kits I manage that has hundreds of Y37 matches.