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I just lost my entire family tree.

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  • I just lost my entire family tree.

    I've spent the last few days working on my family tree and spent hours doing it. Tonight, while deleting one person from the tree in order to move them to the correct location, the FTDNA system seemed to hang for several minutes. I had to close the browser and restart it. When I got back to FTDNA an opened my tree the ONLY person there was me. That's not good.

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    FTDNA's tree program is a mess. They really should never have tried because they are not a genealogy oriented software company.

    You really should have your tree in a genealogy program on your computer, as we discussed in another thread today. That way, if your tree disappears here, you can at least upload a new gedcom from your genealogy program. You would still have to connect DNA results somehow, but at least you wouldn't have to enter all your data again.

    If two siblings in one family marry two siblings in another, you can't even connect them here!


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      I do see a number of weak spots with their program. The good news is.... my information mysteriously reappeared a few minutes ago. Go figure.