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Crossposted Rant about Big-Y destruction

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  • Crossposted Rant about Big-Y destruction

    You killed Big-Y with your so-called upgrades
    And you (FTDNA) won't respond to phone or email inquiries for the last two months. I was patient for a long time but no more. I am now in "relentless mode".

    I manage two kits that you managed to kill:
    1) 480299. THis kit used to show as haplogroup R-A8039. It was positive for A8039 and S1194 and a number of other SNP's that now do not even show up on the list. The list is maybe 60% as long as it used to be. Now it is assigned haplogroup R-L11, which is pretty non-definitive. And no matches show up AT ALL. No matches even show up at R-M269. That is BS. Oh yeah-- and I now have a blue button on my dashboard page asking me to upgrade to a P312 etc kit. I HAD BIG Y DONE. I DON'T NEED AN UPGRADE. YOUR SYSTEM THINKS I NEED ONE BECAUSE YOU EVIDENTLY DELETED 40% OF THE DATA. Or did you think I wouldn't notice and would ignorantly shell out another $119?

    2) Kit 480245
    Well, I don't think you deleted any data out of this one, but what happens when I check BIG Y matches is that I get the dreaded spinning wheel followed by the following warning: DataTables warning: table id=matches-table - Ajax error. For more information about this error, please see From other forums I have learned that other people have the same problem, have also submitted bug reports and get.... crickets. This has been going on for at least three months.

    I am disgusted with FTDNA. At least have the courage to respond to queries about these problems!