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Missing info on my origins map

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  • Missing info on my origins map

    There used to be the little bits and pieces of DNA highlighted on the My Origins map in grey. Where did that go?

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    Are you sure you're talking about the myOrigins map? All I've ever seen on it (v. 1 and now v. 2) are the heat map areas of color. I haven't seen anything in gray, or anything representing DNA segments or pieces in myOrigins.

    I then looked at the Ancient Origins map, which also had no gray DNA shown. And finally I checked the Chromosome Browser, which is the only FTDNA tool I know showing gray areas for the parts of the chromosomes. There, it is to indicate where there are low SNP amounts, and thus no matches in those regions.

    Do you happen to have a screen shot showing what you mean?


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      Well, I see that what has happened is that FTDNA has changed things. When I moved my aunt over to FTDNA her trace amounts were highlighted on the map along with all of the major admixtures. You could see S. America and Oceania, etc...the little trace amounts. NOW, I see that if I click on the name, THEN the trace amounts show up and they are in colors...but only the S. America area for instance is shown and you have to do that for all the trace amounts individually. It was more fun to see it altogether on the world map than each one individually. At least for me anyway. It certainly isn't important, and now that I know what has happened I can see it that way. So....thank you, but nevermind.


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        Okay, I see what you mean. I manage several accounts, so instead of mine (with one trace population) I logged into one that has five trace populations, to get a better idea.

        I had not tried hovering over the trace amounts before, and I see that they do not react to hovering over them. It is as you say, you must click to see a trace amount in color. This is all on the first myOrigins page, which shows the populations list on the left, and small map on the right. But, if I click on "View myOrigins Map," for the full map, and then "expand all" to see all the category sub-groups, there is no way to view the colors of the Trace Results. They do not respond to hovering, and clicking on any trace population name only succeeds in collapsing the trace population list.

        Interesting, and I wonder when the change was made.