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my Origines - something must be wrong

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  • my Origines - something must be wrong


    My mothers father was born german, and myOrigines show 0% "Westgerman" in the map!
    I've many other german ancestors in almost all lines, this simply can't be right.
    Something have gone wrong, but what?

    kind regards
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    Maybe the results are correct. DNA results have surprised me deeply two times.

    There can be several cases, which makes "unexpected" results. For example NPE. And have your father and mother born in German? Are them non NPE? Etc.


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      I have my mother's DNA test, my father's brother's DNA test, and another autosomal transfer from ancestry for comparison, and these tests match my 12-year family's research. - There is no doubt about my mother's father's well documented birth in Frankfurt am Main.

      There is nothing wrong with the expected ancestry map in this latest test, when I import it into DNA.Land - see attachment.
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        and here attached my autosomal transfer from ancestry, it fits well with the documented genealogical research
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          Just goes to prove FTDNA's origins are garbage!

          The first version of origins seemed to be fairly reasonable, but unfortunately with the latest version. Very, very poor.