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DNA matches in tree not on match list

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  • DNA matches in tree not on match list

    I apologize if this has been asked and answered before, but I'm not seeing it. I keep getting DNA match hints in the tree attached to family member accounts here, but the match names do not always match any of the names on the Family Finder match list. Presumably the hint is based on the name of an individual in another customer's tree, but I see no way to determine which customer that is! In the latest example, the hint is for a person "M B [common surname]". I've searched the match list using the [common surname] as the filter. Five pages of matches with that surname listed appear, but none of them is "M B [common surname]."

    What use is a DNA tree hint if there's no way to tell whose tree it's pointing to? I don't know whether to dismiss the hint, but certainly won't accept it based merely on the fact "M B" could be the same person as "Mary [common surname]" in my tree . . .