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Copying or Downloading my FTDNA GEDCOM to my Siblings

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  • Copying or Downloading my FTDNA GEDCOM to my Siblings

    I have uploaded my GEDCOM. And then went and corrected it since my Hispanic carrying of the maternal surname causes a mess with the northern European practice. And also expanded parts of the tree for linkage to discovered cousins.

    Now I would like to make a copy of my tree (GEDCOM) for my sibling to upload to their account from what I have in my account.

    I haven't found direction to do this task.

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    FTDNA does not provide a way to download trees, in .ged format or not.

    It sounds like you have software that you used to create your .ged file (GEDCOM), uploaded it to your account, then changed it online in your account to correct it. You didn't do the changes in your software and upload a new version.

    If that is what you did, you will need to use your software to make those same changes to the version of the tree on your computer, which you originally uploaded. I know this may be a lot of work, but that is what you need to do.

    You can save your original tree in your computer, if you wish, with a name you'll recognize as the uncorrected tree. Save a copy of it, which you rename to a name you'll recognize as the corrected tree. Make your changes so it is now corrected, save, and send that to your sibling.
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