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Match Disappeared. Not Renamed or made private.

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  • Match Disappeared. Not Renamed or made private.

    I had a 40cM match of a cousin I knew of that has been dropped from my match list. I asked the owner and nothing about the account was changed. Yet he no longer shows up in my Family Finder matches. This makes me wonder about the reliability of FT DNA matching. Did the matching algorithm change or something?

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    Are his profile settings prohibiting sharing?


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      You need to contact support. They can look at both kits, plus additional information. Maybe that will allow them to see what happened. If you don't get a good answer, try, try again!

      Your other choice is to keep posting here and let people keep giving you the same suggestions. All we can do here is make "best guesses".


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        Thanks. I put in a request to Support to explain it providing the kit numbers involved. According to the cousin, nothing in his profile was changed... but who knows for sure?