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Double relationships not reflected in Maternal/Paternal flag

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  • Double relationships not reflected in Maternal/Paternal flag

    When I'm in my great uncle's account, Family Finder is marking his matches with my mom, uncle and myself as Paternal, even though we are also a Maternal match.

    My grandfather and great uncle were 3/4 brothers, sharing the same father. Their mothers were sisters to each other. So, while most of his shared segments with us are likely from his father (as half uncle), some of that DNA is from his mother (as 1C1R).

    His next closest DNA match is a double first cousin once removed. 1C1R (on maternal side) + 1/2 1C1R (on paternal side). This dna match is also marked as Paternal... which seems odd, since the paternal side is a less close match.

    I'm sure my tree reflects all the relationships accurately. And I have us 4 DNA matches attached to his tree.
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    The double relationships are a bit of a problem for working out maternal and paternal DNA segments, so I just don't add them. Sure, he's a maternal and paternal relative, but you'd be better linking to known relatives of his that are ONLY maternal or paternal, if they exist.

    I'm only linking the ordinary second and third cousins and not anyone with an additional relationship. So, for example I'm not linking to the daughter of not quite a double cousin (two brothers married two half-sisters) because that would confuse the whole picture. I have linked to relatives of those two brothers and relatives of the two half-sisters and consequently the cousin's niece is a purple because she triangulates with some of them.