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    Please upgrade the tools for autosomal matches, Finding matches with in common information could be improved by being able to search for ancestors from a known location. Whether it is a country, state, county.
    Also being able to separate maternal and paternal surnames. At the moment a match can be filtered into the paternal bucket and then the in common surnames can highlight a maternal surname. This could be fixed in the profile under genealogy which currently has surname and location. A new box could be added to each line with the choice of P for Paternal, M for Maternal or B for both. Where a match has been filtered into the paternal bucket only paternal surnames show. If a match has not been determined by Family Tree DNA as a paternal or maternal ancestor all in common surnames could still be shown.

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    I know this is a feature request, vs. a bug report, but FTDNA does not routinely read the forums. You can submit suggestions to them using the Family Tree DNA Feedback form.