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New MTDNA Matches Do Not Appear on Matches Map

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  • New MTDNA Matches Do Not Appear on Matches Map

    I have a new full sequence MTDNA match. I went to the Matches map but my new match does not appear on the Map. How do I refresh the Matches Map?

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    It is possible your match has not listed a geographic origin.

    Post a complaint to FTDNA.


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      They have posted information going back to 1728 with all locations. I will post a complaint to FTDNA. Thank-you for the reply.


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        rproto, I think tomcat was referring to the "Earliest Known Ancestor" settings, in the Account Settings/Genealogy section in your match's account.

        The FTDNA Learning Center has a page on it, "Genealogy - Earliest Known Ancestors Page," which shows how to use it. That is where your match needs to fill in the information in order to show up on the mtDNA Matches map. Roberta Estes also wrote about it on her blog, "Quick Tip - Add Most Distant Ancestor and Location."

        I'm not sure what good submitting a complaint, or a Customer Service request, would do for you; FTDNA can't change this for your match, and it's not a glitch on their part.

        You might try contacting the match, briefly discussing your mtDNA match and the posted information available. Then you could point out that he or she doesn't appear on the mtDNA Matches map for you, and suggest nicely that he or she could add their Earliest Known Ancestor information, sending him one or both of the links above.

        I've even contacted a couple of my few mtDNA matches, the ones that had listed a male as their Most Distant Ancestor, to let them know that the earliest female in the direct maternal line is who you want to show for mtDNA. Recently I heard back from one, who appreciated the information, and made the change.
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          The match does have her earliest known ancestor listed for both the paternal and maternal lines and the city and country location.

          Thank-you so much for this very helpful post. I now notice that there are other matches not appearing on the map but those matches do not have either the earliest known ancestor listed and/or location information.

          Good idea to send a gentle email to those matches.
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