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  • Multiple kit login

    Hello ftDNA, I hope things are clearing up for your employees that were affected by the storm.

    I have a suggestion for log in to aid people with multiple kits the manage.

    If we could log in with our email address, all the kits managed by that email addy would also be logged into, with a simple panel (like a spreadsheet) with all kits listed and maybe starred or bolded for categories not reviewed.

    Not sure how much more that would take, but it would sure allow kit managers to be aware of changes in all their kits and to more rapidly review kits without having to sign out, look up kit numbers and passwords and then sign back in.

    I have attached a sample of what I mean


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    You should just apply to start your own Family Finder project. You would be the administrator and then you simply add all the kits you manage to the project. That way you would just have one login and have full access to all your kits.


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      I don't know how they do it, but when I log in to 23andMe, I'm automatically logged in to both kits I manage there. The same at Ancestry, where one login gets me access not only to the 2 kits I manage there, but the kits of anyone who has decided to share with me.

      Here, where I manage 8 kits, I had to apply for a small private project. But at least a few people have joined the project. It's not quite the same thing as sharing at Ancestry, because I can see their results but they can't see mine.
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        I believe not being able to have one login (other then applying for a project, GAP Account) is due to fact here at FTDNA one can upgrade their tests therefore to avoid confusion between samples each account has their own login.


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          Originally posted by Wheal View Post
          Hello ftDNA, I hope things are clearing up for your employees that were affected by the storm.
          When you post messages here you are talking to other forum members just like yourself. You are not talking to FTDNA.