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Accepted Join, It behaved as declined!

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  • Accepted Join, It behaved as declined!

    I am a project administrator.
    Quite a while back I started requiring people to request to join (too many women joining this Y-DNA project).
    I received a join request in early April - I accepted. The membership never showed up and I assumed they changed their mind.
    I received another join request a couple of weeks later that I accepted. It worked just fine.
    I just heard from person #1 again. I tried going back and re-accepting the request which already showed it had been accepted and I accepted a follow up note from the same person. It still didn't work.
    I had the person re-request joining today. I accepted. Again no go from their end.
    Any clues what the problem might be?

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    Are they receiving any reply from FTDNA. They should get a accept, reject or need more information message.

    If they aren't getting anything I would suspect they were giving you a bad email address.

    FTDNA sends you a notice of the request along with the email address of the person making the request. Try send the person a message using that address to see if they receive it.

    If they do you should contact FTDNA using the Admin's contact email address or call FTDNA and select the Admin's option.


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      Go to your join authorization page and see if the problem case has a kit number. If there's no kit number, FTDNA's software can't find the person in the database and add them to your project. Accepting a join request that doesn't include a kit number does nothing.

      Either the person hasn't ordered a test yet from FTDNA and isn't in their database or they weren't logged into their account when they clicked on "join" and submitted their request. Get back to them and see which is the case. If they do have an FTDNA account, tell them to send another request, making sure that they're logged into their account when doing so.


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        Thanks. You just saved me a ton of time. I was having the same problem and did not know why and wondered if he just changed his mind on joining, but based on your message I checked his request and sure enuf as you suggest, there was no ID with it. I am not sure if he even has an account- cannot tell - so was able to send him a join request invite which has all the info on joining with and without a current account. (Interestingly, another clue was I did not get a copy of the initial acceptance I gave - not sure why that happens. Even if FTDNA doens't know his kit number (assuming he has one), it has his email and indicated it sent him my reply - so why no copy?) Anyway, hopefully it won't be too confusing and he'll continue - international client. THanks again.