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Profile Display Problem - Y-DNA Matches

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    Originally posted by Caburn View Post
    I hadn't realised that screen resolution might be a factor, but I think that's only a secondary thing. For the record I'm using a 15-inch screen with the recommended 1366x768 screen res.
    My resolution is 1920*1080 then no problem at, all since the scroll bar is not present because it's not needed (unless I make the web browser smaller of course). This is the resolution I assume the developer at FTDNA uses as well.
    1368*768 problem do occur, since a scroll bar is needed.


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      Thanks Jim and JMA for your responses. I'll reply to FTDNA's Customer Care to confirm that others are experiencing the same Profile pop-up characteristics. Or 'feature'. (Ahem)


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        Just to note that the problem, of Profile pop-ups not scrolling, has now emerged on the mtDNA results pages, where I believe it worked correctly until recently.

        Pop-up scrolling still works properly on FF and BigY so I see no reason why it can't be fixed for Y-STR and mtDNA. I would hope that it's simply some parameter that needs tweaking.

        I reported this when it stopped working for Y-STR results. Still waiting for that to be fixed.