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Changing front name on a kit?

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  • Changing front name on a kit?

    Having had the experience of "presumed" father, I've been seeking my genetic paternal side.

    Therefore I purchased SEVERAL kits over the last few months. The last one was mailed directly to me rather than the usual as I had to .. well, just guess.

    ANYHOW.. Now there's a family finder kit that went via mail (with tracking number) today.

    I keep trying, without success, to change the name of the donor to match the human being who donated a sample of their DNA.

    I've rebooted, I've cleared the cache and STILL my name is showing as the kit donor.

    Any suggestions other than "forget about it".

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    Did you try to change the name by going to your Account Settings, then the Personal Profile tab, and clicking on the Edit Contact Info link? Once you changed the name, did you click on the "Save" button there?

    If you've done that and it still doesn't show, maybe you need to do a hard refresh of your browser. Here's a page that describes how to do a hard refresh for the Chrome, Firefox and IE browsers. I think that makes the browser clear the cache as well. If that doesn't do the trick, you may have to contact FTDNA (Customer Support link at top right of this page).


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      Also - for your info and that of others - what has happened for Kits I have ordered for others -- when Kit arrived back at FTDNA, FTDNA apparently looked at the permission slip and then changed the Kit name and sex to match what was on the Permission Slip for the Kit.


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        Yes I've just sent a kit in the mail of my father's DNA that I've paid for. It's still got my name on the account and no matter what I can't change it either, but I'm assuming that as soon as they process the kit they'll change it themselves.