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  • Fix your forum page

    It comes up with a big blank square with a symbol that if you click it, Takes you to the test listing.

    You have to scroll down past the block to the listings and every time you select a different forum.

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    Agreed 100%!

    The banner ad appears not to have height or width measurements specified in the HTML code, but rather simply a "100%" for width. This apparently causes the annoyingly large "broken image" box to appear as it does, whenever the link to the image gets broken somehow. It happens occasionally, not just during a site update. It's always disturbing, and should be fixed.

    I tried the link for the blank image, as shown in the source code,, and got this message:
    The image "https//" cannot be displayed because it contains errors."
    All the small icon images at the top right (for Facebook, Twitter, etc.) are also missing. Someone needs to restore the links to these images.
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      Hello all,

      I have reported this to the management team. I am sorry for this (it's annoying since in firefox the banner ads are huge blank boxes.)

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        Thank you, Darren. It looks fine now. I had been seeing the huge banner ad boxes in Safari 10.1 on MacOS 10.12.4 (Sierra).