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  • Website is generally unstable

    This morning I am unable to display my Family Finder results on either Chrome or IE. I did not have this problem yesterday evening. While I expect this will be corrected, it is clear that there is little beta testing prior to releasing changes to the production system. I have been a customer since we first tested my husband's Y-DNA in 2006.

    The stability of the website has become a serious issue and one that needs to be addressed before it impacts your customer base.

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    Too late for that, the IT gaffes and dysfunctional web site "improvements" have been accumulating for years. At the moment, the only thing I check routinely is the message forums, and at least they are working. The issues reported here prove that there was not sufficient testing prior to moving the new "features" (?) into production. A professional IT shop would not accept a result like this, and would have a process in place to prevent it. No IT professional wants to look this bad.