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New front page doesn't play nicely with password manager

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  • New front page doesn't play nicely with password manager

    I use Keepass to store the username/password of four accounts on here. It used to work fine on the old login screen but the new one doesn't recognise that the fields have been filled by the password manager and so the button remains "greyed" out. To make it work, I have to open the password manager, find the correct entry, unhide the password, delete the last character in the password field and type it back in again.

    The quick fix is to remove the Javascript that stops the button from working until someone has actually typed something into the password field.

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    I got in the first try and password was saved on my iPad by Dolphin (browser), but now I can't get past that page. I tried re-typing the login id and password, but still can't get in. It is stuck on the login page.


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      I can't sign in either. And I don't even like the looks of it. I like plain and simple better.


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        It works for me just fine for my 4 accounts i do manage. Safari keeps everything.