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Is there a problem with downloading raw data

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  • Is there a problem with downloading raw data

    Been getting the Houston message for a day now!

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    You asked this question a long time ago, but I am unable to do it as of today - 13th June.

    Coincidentally, around the same time of the month.

    Monthly scheduled maintenance?

    Really frustrated as my mum has some very unexpected ethnicity projections from My Origins - want to get the data on Gedmatch, to see if the calculators there agree, or if it's a "quirk" of My Origins.

    She's showing as 2% Central Asian. I know 2% is not much, and could be noise, but I hadn't expected her to be Asian at all!


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      I believe that you're British. Does your mother have any known ancestors who lived or served in the military in Pakistan/India when it was a colony of the UK?

      If the 2% Central Asian is not just noise, that may be an explanation for it. The British royal family is an example of this. There's DNA evidence that Princess Diana had distant Indian ancestry - see
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        Yes, I'm British, and certainly aware of that happening from time to time. However, there is no known service in India - that I have uncovered yet.

        I have to be honest, and say that - like the vast majority of their countrymen - my mother's ancestors were servant/labouring classes.

        It's very unlikely they'd have formed part of the colonial ruling class in India (The Raj). I can't say it didn't happen - it just doesn't appear very likely.

        Apologies to Genemonkey for dragging things off topic - I just happened to notice they had the same problem with the raw data download, and hope they got it sorted OK.

        Mine is working again now - must have just been a blip.

        Will shove Mum's data into Gedmatch, and see what the ethnicity calculators there make of it.

        Two percent would likely be pretty distant, but it's interesting it's not listed as "trace".

        The other revelation is that Mum does NOT have any Middle Eastern percentage. My brother and I do, in relatively non-trivial proportions - 9% and 8%, respectively. Because my mother is half Jewish, I'd assumed any Middle Eastern contribution came from her.

        But in view of the fact she doesn't have any, but my brother and I have high single figures, it looks as if my father's ostensibly white, Anglo Saxon ancestry may not all have been. My father is no longer living to test.