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  • Matches wont load!

    I registered back on April 20th...and STILL awaiting matches to show up! Just keeps saying wait 24 hours...grrr...not very encouraging to have dna uploaded or to purchase any new tests on this site if you can't see matches. I even tried re uploading my 23 & me raw dna results, and won't let me, I get the wait 24 hours thing again..

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    Same situation! I have waited since 20th April too. Created a ticket and sent a message in Facebook - they answered after 2 days that IT department will solve this problem. In FB they said "it can take 1 week" - but it's 10 days already.

    And I have same situation with my second account for my wife - I transferred on 20th.

    Did you attach to 23andme? I did it immediately after transferring DNA from 23andme,