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    I use the search (ancestral surnames) over and over, as a partial piece of text. Usually I try to reduce the results to a single screen full (maybe two). Today I tried "Eva" and got results on 7 screens. What I notice is that each "match" regardless of whether already match seems to produce a new instance of the same. For example, "Eva" includes my first cousin Gary Thompson so if "Eva" is found in one place it puts his on the screens; then when "Eva" matches in a different place, it puts him again - so there are not really seven screens of matches but something less. Since the sort is NOT by actual person, the process does not detect this. For my purposes, it would be ideal if he (and each other "match") appears only one time rather than two or even multiple times for one person. My purpose is to identify unique individual(s) who match me based on an arbitrary piece of three (or more) consecutive characters. If I get too many "matches" then I just add another character or two or more to reduce the number of "hits."