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Linking DNA to trees

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  • DaveInGreece
    It could be because the trees give DNA hints which seem to be based on similar names rather than anything else. I had a hint to add a DNA match with the surname Pick to a person in my tree with the surname Pike (and this Pike person is a cousin's husband with no blood link to me). Maybe some people are believing these hints and adding you in the belief that FTDNA really has found the link.

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  • CyndyeB
    started a topic Linking DNA to trees

    Linking DNA to trees

    I keep getting notices that someone has linked my DNA to their tree. The link to see the tree does not work. So I have no idea where my accounts have been linked.
    Which leads to another bafflement.....who are these people and how do they link? They are obscure distant people, so not in my tree as far as I can tell.